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FitNLife wearables make it easy to understand how your daily activities impact your health. They use advanced tracking technology that’s clinically verified to give you the most accurate data possible.

And, you’ll know which activities have directly impacted your health the most.

So, wear the wearable that was meant to be seen, and you’ll find new ways to be more active.


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Discover How Daily Activities

Impact Your Health

All the important information you need is easy to access in the FitNLife app. Daily metrics, goals, and motivation are there to keep you focused and active. The FitNLife app is the only way to gain meaningful insights into how your daily activities impact your health & wellbeing.

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Activity Metrics
Real data on your calories & fat burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and the intensity level of your activities
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Activity Sharing
Share your activity data with a friend, partner or family member to help you stay motivated
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Daily Goals
Daily milestones to keep you on track, so you can achieve your health & fitness goals
an icon of a battery describing the FitNLife app's battery life monitor feature
Battery Life Monitor
Shows the remaining battery life of your wearable
an icon of a person running describing the FitNLife app's activity programs feature
Activity Programs
Personalized based on your physical condition, pre-existing medical condition(s), and your ambition

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estimates your steps

Activity trackers should be more than just step counters and cheerleaders. They must help you develop healthy habits.

FitNLife wearables give you the confidence you need to develop your healthy habits.

Using MET calculations FitNLife wearables assign an intensity level to each of your activities. This way you’ll know which activities directly contributed to improving your health.

fitnlife wearables

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Measures all your continuous movements 32 times per second
Data and tracking accuracy have been clinically verified
Calculates and assigns an activity intensity level using MET for better health impact analysis

other wearables

a graph that shows how other wearables estimate when tracking your movements
All activity is equally counted and measured regardless of activity intensity
No way of knowing if tracking data or measured activities are accurate
Counts and measures activities using artificial thresholds